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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  August 24, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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it is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to please the white and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with it because the people have less political power. whatever attack to deny to camp as you can tell we aren't taping with a live audience this week instead we thought we'd bring you a little best of redacted tonight 29 team don't worry we'll be back with a brand new show next week but without further delay here are some of our greatest hits from this year enjoy it. let's start off tonight with
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a topic some of you might not have heard of but i think it's important it's called if i'm pronouncing this correctly racism. and if you live in my home state of virginia it is all the rage right now right i mean that's to call her all right apparently if you're an elected official in virginia hating black people is the new black it is hot. and some forms of racism are easy to say such as. but although you know luckily though they did cover up some of it with the sheet but. other racism systemic racism is not as obvious and a lot of people try to claim it no longer exists elegance gone what like systemic racism black panther was the most popular movie avner therefore racism over well i want to show you 3 recent studies that prove just how over. systemic racism
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is let's start with schools all right slightly important couple of weeks ago as new education reform found overwhelmingly white school districts received 23000000000 dollars more than predominantly nonwhite school districts in state and local funding in 2016 despite serving roughly the same number of children i mean the kids of the wider schools are doing their homework on a mac books a lot is supplied by the school while the don white school kids are doing their homework on a big mac. you know that today kids the science class will be dissecting the double quarter pounder with cheese because the stay won't supply us with enough progress. this is when the liberals say that's because we have a racist president who hates funding the education of people of color actually that 23000000000 number is from 2016 while obama was still in office but that can't be i thought obama and it all racial inequality brought people i love and took the pops
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to the world no not exactly your only 2 2 words off though obama ended all reporting on racial inequality and see the difference i just stop talking about systemic racism against black hispanic and indigenous people exist no matter who's in the white house let's move on to climate change right there can't possibly be racial disparity there hurricanes don't exactly only hit black people twelfth's a new investigation found is that white communities nationwide have disproportionately received more federal buyouts after a disaster than communities of color you see one of the things fema does is they damage properties after an emergency what federal disaster aid is not necessarily doled out to those who need it most but rather to those whose property is worth more and to those who own property in the 1st place we have a system designed to help the. rich the most after
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a disaster when the poor need it the most because it's been proven by by scientists that rich people have more feelings than poor people right i mean that you never notice that they like me. and stuff right so. we're poor people don't even know when their house is washing away their only. desire that's my son flown by. others but i wish i felt pain and. yes some of the systemic racism does not originate in race but instead in the way the rich have crafted our laws and our systems to favor the rich so it's a class right it's a it's a class. it's a class issue rather than a race issue unfortunately other factors of systemic racism such as hiring practices and who gets promoted the most make it so that white people are more likely to be wealthy therefore our country has a huge racial wealth gap data from 2014 shows that black alice holds hold less
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than $0.07 on the dollar compared to white households the white house whole living near the poverty line typically has about $800000.00 while black households in similar economic straits typically have a median wealth near 0 that wealth gap that impacts where people live and that brings us to our 3rd a new study which found a racial gap between who causes air pollution and who breeds it while we tend to think of factories as the source of pollution those polluters wouldn't exist without consumer demand for the products air pollution is disproportionately caused by white americans consumption of goods and services but disproportionately inhaled by black and hispanic americans ok fine but why are black and hispanic americans breathing so much i mean. come on slowing down a little. skip every other brats just like just like people do when they're around
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rush limbaugh. called willpower. so because of the wealth gap as well as the population differences white people create the majority of the pollution in the country and then minorities and breathing it in or drinking it in their water because they more often live in the corporate sacrifice zones the areas where the property value is lower and again that comes back to the wealth gap now not really surprised though the white people create the most pollution by using and buying the most i have family members who own polish for the shoe tree that holds the shoes that their pet rabbit wears. so it's things to take care of things that go on things that are attached and not the. fine things or high standards. and making those things created pollution and the non non white person
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is breathing in rabbit shoes. you know micro particles abut dazzled cell phone cases nonwhite people drank last year it's messed up all right he's done just air and water pollution either white people also create the majority of the noise pollution in this country are you sure you've heard it before you just never shot of earth's jackass. and everybody is just wallowed that kraft. point is a lot of this comes down to class and wealth not just race but race class and wealth are deeply linked and therefore i'm sorry systemic racism is the thing and it's in the schools it's in the air it's in the water it's in your television it impact impacts every a reel of our lives and much like climate change we need to start fixing it rather than acting like it doesn't exist thanks for your reply continue to make sure.
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people vote in our elections as possible and big surprise is ground 0 for that fight in florida to learn more about this let's go to redacted tonight correspondent natalie mcgill. apparently the hot trend this month is googling the words florida man and your birth date the see what jacked up headline you get but no one ever talks about the many smart professional people in the sunshine state all you have to do to learn about the real florida is watch their local news a man accused of destroying a liquor store in okaloosa county told police he was in alice in wonderland matthew whores jones also said a caterpillar smoking is told him to do it tonight a woman is sitting in jail what used to shooting her boyfriend after a fight over snoring a local man who like in some self to the joker arrested on a weapon charge is now out of jail and there's no prove me waving
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a gun around i know but kind of night i did not have a gun on. someone who altered his face to look like a comic book villain you have to applaud him for his honesty and thankfully in 201865 percent of florida voters were honest with themselves about the importance of democracy for every floridian when their vote on a ballot initiative called amendment 4 restored the right to vote for 1400000 x. felons but the republican held florida house of representatives was going to let a silly thing like the will of the people thrown their state as america's laughing stock that's why despite the ballot initiative restoring exparel and voting rights florida republicans voted to strip most ballons of voting rights unless they pay a poll tax in the case of florida's house of reps a poll tax means felons would 1st have to pay any outstanding court fine. and fees
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before regaining the right to vote walking up to 80 percent of the 1400000 former felons before a member for past x. felons had to wait 5 to 7 years after finishing their sentence to apply to the state's clemency board in order to restore their voting rights before filing a written application and hopes of appearing before the board in person except the board much like the homeowners association only meets 4 times a year and just like in a way its leadership is just those evil and arbitrary in its decision making and the board can ask a bunch of tough questions that make them feel like they're at a speed dating night from help when the last time you had to drink how many children do you have how many how many different. mothers 2 of those children you know go to church give or take your parents to dinner and former governor rick scott's 1st 70 years of office only 3000 of more than 30000 applicants regain
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voting rights his predecessor restored rights to more than 155000 applicants but since this in franchising felons has been a centuries long tradition in what will be a battleground state in 2020. people like richard harrison on edge especially since his group floridians for sensible voting rights policy railed against the amendment for everybody on both sides of this issue seems to agree that that universe of new voters if they actually go out and register. or probably going to be more inclined registration was to favor the democratic party who do you know is there to support that none are we really convinced this is just the dems attempt to boost their numbers or are we actually horrified that people can finally vote out politicians who pass highly punitive laws that trap mostly people of color into
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multi-generational poverty. or are we concerned that really elected republican governor wrong to sanchez has even less incentive to assist expel him when he accepted $100000.00 from geo group a controversial florida based private prison giant and 28 team we don't know you should never bite the hand that feeds you. unless that hand belongs the governor to santa stand the teeth belong to an impossibly drunk alligator in a can handle petting zoo 6000000 americans weren't able to vote in the 2018 midterms because of a felony conviction and a quarter of them are in florida and millions of people have already served their time only to face another hurdle in a criminal justice system that thrives on mass incarceration this poll tax isn't written in stone yet but my birthday is in september so by then i hope that when i search florida man in my birthday it i'll see
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a florida man votes for 1st time in 20 years and not before the man was electrocuted trying to retrieve one of his pet pigeons from a power line reporting from florida natalie mcgill redacted tonight. this is the poseidon adventure mixed with the titanic in one colossal sinking of the global economy right now we've got donald trump starring with the ghost of paul newman on the bridge of the titanic watching as they engineer a colossal failure of the global economy. cash cow and he's drawing all forms over a long journey he's darned this changing page he's dard right.
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his 1st words were at long last year a challenging post you've got to use to me. i have no doubt that while scriven. let's concentrate market has been. dollar industry these companies have a huge financial motivation to solve these problems there are numerous stocks showing that doctors were keen to chest x. ray concentrates for the insights of its own that patients won't give them doctors the wrong place to play golf or just why they were keeping them secure those years . and people still i don't know which question or so i thought i'd be hard to live where so many.
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welcome back thanks for sticking around let's dive back into the best of redacted tonight 2019. medicare for all more popular in this country than it ever has been before but opposition to it is coming from someone usual places for more on this raging god of mercy we sent her dad correspondent on a caravan l. to the middle of a field wide because sue said something about you had to get her 2000 steps in her day out of this report. hundreds of nurses doctors and medical students march this weekend for what i
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thought was an extra effort to get this week's steps in but apparently they were protesting the american medical association the a.m.a. which is the professional association for doctors and other medical providers the american medical association is leading in assault on medicare for all legislation it's vs money from the governor and when it was right actually. i need to work on my steps to. while these angry nurses marched outside the a.m.a. held their annual meeting to help themselves on the back for the work they did do here is that a.m.a.'s president delivering
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a riveting speech about equitable care and here are the members trekking live m.d. to see if she is correct. it seems that a.m.a. has been historically opposed to considering health care as a human right so much so that now the medical professionals have stood up and said that the a.m.a. does not stand for them and you know when a drum circle appears outside your door until a drum circles only have been on seoul's disses to ward off evil spirits or to give the seniors of ashville something else to watch because they couldn't figure out how to operate the smart t.v. the rhythm is going to get you i mean it already got them many say that being a.m.a. doesn't serve the patient support even the doctors rather they work as p.r. for the insurance industry and it's very difficult for the a.m.a. to deny those claims since they just joined the partnership for america's health
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care future which is spending millions of dollars to buy the m.f.a. and is backed by the blue cross blue shield association and cigna emblems and other insurance giants while americans pray away in their medical. aid and may spends more than $400000000.00 a year lobbying its 3rd highest spender of law being on. capitol hill the majority of its funding comes not from the members of which only 25 percent are doctors but a monopoly on managing health care data and pricing with the help of government contracts so it profits from the entire health care system as it is so doctors if i caught your attention with this segment. do you think you could tell me what this is. it is now the majority of americans who want universal health care in london or medicare
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for all but who believes the people i think we need a 2nd opinion from someone who is clearly not the people democrats are just running on good age ideas like a higher minimum wage running on new ideas like medicare for all maybe the a.m.a. should listen to him he's mainstream. but isn't he unemployed worried now thanks in part of a goal to me then why do you feel you are going to do a big oil p.r. stunt but you may not have even known it was p.r. when you read it for more on this we go to react to correspondent natalie mcgill. with print journalism dying out i don't blame newspapers for trying everything under the sun to generate revenue the washington post has even allowed corporate
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sponsors the lease out their new xbox and so passers by 7 have a chance to win a mystery prize. but that's a much more wholesome way to generate ad revenue than a practice that accounted for 20 percent of all ad income for news media organizations in 2017 it's called native advertising while made to look like editorial content it's actually paid content and these papers biggest customers are oil companies and oil lobby yes like shell b.p. and the american petroleum institute who recently partnered with the post on the peace 10 natural gas be the key to lowering emissions well sure tad.
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if you're ok with the fact that drilling extraction and transporting natural gas releases methane and methane traps at least $86.00 times of war heat in the earth's atmosphere than carbon dioxide of course some people will say that any responsible reader especially in a. plays as well read and intelligent as washington d.c. can spot the signs of paid content and i would have agreed with you and till i saw the analysts on slot of d.c. residents writing scooters at warp speed nearly taking out kids and baby strollers in their wake with the brain damage in the city at an all time high. or a little not to take advantage of tricking your readers and major papers like the post in the new york times did by creating their own brand studios marketing departments that working hand in hand with corporations and specifically tell their
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newsrooms reputation as an asset such as the new york times t.v. brand studio whose website says using the new york times proven recipe for storytelling we work with global brands to develop industry leading strategy creative and distribution it's why this i popping new york times native ad about exxon mobil's efforts to use plant waste an algae as bio fuel sounds promising despite the fact that exxon mobil along with the other 4 largest publicly traded oil companies in the world will only spend a combined $3600000000.00 on low carbon investments such as biofuels and renewables but we already knew fossil fuel companies were as interested in people over profit as the championship winning baylor university women's basketball team was and having to meet the president this week and a $100.00 says he accidentally called at least 2 of them omarosa what's
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disappointing is the shadow this cast on any future reporting these publications do on climate change an issue that already gets very little mass media coverage as it is according to media matters in 20 new team the major nightly news and sunday morning political shows on the national broadcast networks spend a combined total of just 142 minutes on climate change slapping on a paid or partner constantly will only goes so far and we're all going to find out the hard way god knows i did. but how was this. wait. so warm oh god. what are you watching out of there to go back.
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to the mainstream media and how right we're allowed stories about people barely getting by in america for more on this raging controversy we go to redacted correspondent i only go by. now we all know the side effects of watching the news depression agitation complex tickets apocalyptic visions violent mood swings and sars to combat this major news sources have turned to curating feel good stories for you this morning we want to share something to make your day a little lighter and better home depot with lawyers worked overtime to help a little boy in the georgia his parents worry that insurance would not cover water so they went to a home depot when cedartown georgia last week to buy parts to build one themselves when employees heard logan story they surprised his parents building the walker for
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the call me crazy but i don't find the one wanking kid gets to walk things to a chain hardware store story kind of disturbing what about the other disabled children who are in surrounded by extremely healthy for home depot employees what do they do if these volumes about the people there actually trigger that's i don't think you know really does everything it's the america we know we know in other countries that basic assistance to a handicapped child would be basic human rights on the other hand when it comes to home depot into. my experience is much different. do you know where the orange pipe is. no i don't think that's my department you think we sell that sort of thing we have i just saw a kid with the orange pipe crippled kid with the orange walker he had the pipe no lady we don't so kids in another similar story and picked up by
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a major news networks who year olds couldn't walk on his own so one high school robotics team built him a customized toy car you know what would make good news if you close your eyes and just imagine those teenagers are congress just an amazing story what wonderful young people so remarkable the coming of the market cornered to one of those actually cost $20000.00 if you like that did it for me perhaps cheaper than that but all clearly. what is great $20000.00 a life lesson on that edition of the nation in a country of immense wealth and resources disabled people need to win the wheelchair lottery to move this is a genre of reporting some call perseverance born this is where the realities of poverty in america are unquestionably accepted while people are lucky to receive things which are basic rights in other countries like paid when turning to leave
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for example a new way employees are rallying around their expecting coworkers helping them taking a turn to leave by donating their own vacation time to let this be us and probably new guinea are the only 2 countries in the world without mandated paid maternity leave oh well. take a look at this story that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside the south would students 0 a total of more than $3000.00 1st school lunch district why the number is much bigger about 41000. dollars a school district where 64 percent of children live below the poverty line who were in foster care for delinquent school lunch debts they threatened to take children from parents what if they send ransom notes and sloppy joe mix. the corporate media while trying to be a feel good story call attention to the dire conditions of
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a dystopian late capitalist system depends on crushing the poor and then show that a few were rescued from sickness or death and that is a few good story that is a very bad story. i personally feel awful after watching all of that. i think i'm coming down with a case of sars i mean i'm not sure what the symptoms are reporting from washington this is where we care about it after tonight that's our show but i will be back with a brand new episodes next week plus a new episode of redacted tonight v.i.p. aired last night so if you missed that you can watch it right now at youtube dot com slash redacted tonight which is also where you can get web exclusive content so make sure to subscribe until next time goodnight and keep fighting.
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in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell fracking food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with such a target there's a lot of conflict in the game between the 2 most of the conflict i would say revolves around money and most of their money is made. this one. is good because the state of california makes $6000000000.00 a year prison complex. given
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the life sentences we look at the colonial roots of the crisis. protesters rally in the south of france against the g. 7 summit of leading economy. in california a law to prevent police shootings while study shows police brutality is the most common cause of. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our team into.


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